Get up, woman!  Get your butt out of bed!
You've got lots to do and there’s email to be read.
What do you mean your energy’s ‘sapped’…
That you're too tired…you need a long nap?
Come on woman—are you sick? …got the flu?
Are those three precious kids gettin' the best of you?

You're so strong and so hearty--made of good stock,
Not long ago you were jogging the block.
Nothing in the world could hold you back--
We’d have to remind you, ‘Now go hit the sack!’
Every chance you got you were out on the town;
That old car’s wheels barely touched down.

There was dancing here and partying there...
As long as it was fun, you’d venture anywhere!
Rodeos, flea markets, pageants and such--
Told you, girl, you were doing too much!
Such energy before I’d never seen,
But you kept saying, "I don’t know what you mean!"

Don’t tell me now your energy’s kaput--
That a husband, three little kids, and a house is all it took!
I won’t even mention the dog and the cat,
But they’re in there somewhere—I’m sure of that!
Heaven forbid!  You’ve just entered the ‘prime’ of your life--
Settled down now as mother and wife!

You’ll be my age before very long!
Did you use up your energy before ‘prime’ came along?
Now you know why this old lady groans
And all that you hear is, "Oh!  My poor bones!" --
Why my joints all moan and my crevices all creak,
And to make it all worse, I’ve got two swollen feet!

I’m twice your age and now look at me--
A vision of what your future could be:
Sons who are busy living their own life
Or maybe you’ll just be someone’s ex-wife!
Whatever the future, it’s today that you’re living.
Their childhood clock is steadily ticking!

Much too soon your boys will be men.
Plenty of time for you to rest then!
Until that time comes, savor today
And hoard every memory—tuck it away.
Before you know it, their childhood is past
And "growing up" memories will just have to last!

Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 




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