She stood there and listened to each little child
While on her mind she was thinking all the while,
'Halloween's coming and I've nothing to eat
While all these little ones will gobble up treats!
On their tables will be food galore,
But no food will be showing up at my door!'
What is a poor hungry witch to do?
Halloween's coming, but her cauldron stands empty-nothing to stew!
What was this poor witch to do now?
She'd just have to find a job somehow!




Lucky for her through her crystal ball snitch
She heard the town mall had a Witch House, but no witch!'
And she thought, 'Lots of little brats always go there!
So come Halloween, those little brats will be near!
I'll have the Halloween feast of all time!
All of those little brats will be mine!
I'll have my pick of the whole town bunch
And I'll save the first for my Halloween lunch!'
She made up her mind right then and there!
She'd get that job and end this despair!



The first thing she did was survey the "job" site.
Why…she was excited the very first night!
'What a perfect arrangement,' she thought,
A cauldron for my Halloween feast to be brought!'
She couldn't believe her stroke of good luck!
No teeth to be pulled…no feathers to pluck!
No frog wart to find…no toads to be bought…
So hungry now she drooled at the thought.
A cauldron stood ready all filled with oil-
All to be done was set it to boil.
Her poor empty stomach was twisting in knots!
'Why,' she said to herself, 'I may need TWO pots!
By Halloween night,' she thought, 'a scrumptious meal will be mine!'
And lucky for her just in the nick of time!



Of course she got the job-she was just the right 'type'
And at first it was slow going, even at night!
But soon as word got out a 'real' witch was at the mall
The children started coming-one by one 'til all.
Every day they'd come and with each one she'd play
Showing all the little ones in the Witch House their way.




Just as everything was going according to plan,
The evil Queen Witch showed up in town.
Queen Witch had heard one was having a feast
And wanted to make sure she got the best meat!
She was spotted at the Witch House snooping around
And frightening the children and they ran and they ran.





The Queen Witch began to appear every day
Trying to coax the little ones over to play.
So scared were the children they'd run in haste
Thought the mall Witch to herself,  "Ayeeeeee! What a waste!"
After all this time plumping the little ones up,
There will barely be enough "stew" left to fill a cup!'
The mall Witch listened as Queen Witch purred to her prey,
"You children know I wouldn't lead you astray,"
But the children were afraid and they let it be known-
They ran to the mall Witch to take them back home.
With a sinister grin on the Queen Witch's face
She, too, was thinking how good they would taste!




This made the mall Witch mad and she started to stew
(A little early perhaps, but the Queen Witch was due)!
The mall Witch pondered how she could fix this situation
And all of a sudden she had an inspiration!
That was the beginning of a scene to behold
(And one the townsfolk say will never grow old)…




The mall Witch put out the fire under the pot
And blew out the embers lest the oil get hot.
Queen Witch got to the mall Witch House front door
And entered the house with the muddy old floor.
"Ayeeeee," she screamed-then a sinister laugh-
Her Queen Witch shoes were stuck in the mud fast!







Outside the mall Witch House, all heard it, too.
(It was hard to ignore-inside were just two!)
The mall Witch looked Queen Witch in the face
(Her shriveled witch heart was beginning to race),
And then to everyone--including the mall Witch--came the big surprise:
"These darling children are mine in their eyes!
They come to the Mall Witch House to have fun-
A place to play, to laugh, to run!
We've had our good times and we've had our bad,
But whatever happened these darlings were all that I had!
Lots of times they'd leave me some treats
And help me to sit so I could rest my tired feet!"



"So like it or not, Queen Witch, old girl!
None of my children will be under your spell
You can't have my children-not Halloween or any other day!
As for a Halloween feast, hungry or not don't come looking here!
Do you hear me, Queen Witch?  Am I perfectly clear?
My cauldron will stay empty-my door will stay closed;
You'll not touch one hair on their nose!
I love every one as I'd love my own!




With that the mall Witch left in a flash!
When Queen Witch tried to stop her, there was a horrible splash.
In her zealousness to have just one little one to boil,
She'd stumped her toe and fell headfirst in the oil.
She screamed and she cried but to no avail-
No one was interested in her pitiful wail.





The Queen Witch is gone-never seen to this day!
Some of her bats came and dragged her away.
It is said on Halloween eve those shoes still appear
To remind one and all not to mess with the kids here!
If they value their lives, of the town children stay clear!
Thanks to the townsfolk, the Mall Witch House stayed put!
For a permanent occupant, they hadn't far to look!
So she still has her job and won't let the town down
She can always be found with town children around!



No, since that day the Queen Witch hasn't been seen,
But the townsfolk adopted a new witch Queen
Come Halloween and thereafter, she had plenty to eat…
All the kids shared their own "Trick or Treat"!
Now her plate stays full and the Mall Witch House is her own!
Since that night she never dines alone-
Invitations to dinner at townsfolk homes
Kept her calendar so full she had no time to roam!






The children still come to the Mall Witch House to play
And the mall Queen Witch retires exhausted each day,
But everyone knows the safe haven they found
As long as their mall Queen Witch is around!
It's almost Halloween and I've got a date
(The mall Queen Witch, you know, is never late!)


Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


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