Happy Birthday to Me!
Today is my birthday--just another day to me,
But that's not how it used to be!
Before my folks left to go Home
I didn't know what it was to spend a birthday alone!
Dad would go to the bakery if Mom didn't bake,
So on my birthdays back then I'd always have cake.
All the cakes were engraved with my name,
While the candles grew bigger, the cakes stayed the same.
They'd always bring ice cream-chocolate and vanilla, as I recall-
So much ice cream it took weeks for us to finish it all!
I know when they shopped, the store thought they'd gone wild!
You could tell they were shopping for their only child!
Each year I'd squeal, "I'm getting too old! No more birthdays for me!"
And of course, each year they'd reluctantly agree,
But come the next birthday it was always the same…
They'd forget their agreement and the cakes still came!
Being alone my next birthday wasn't a fear-
I guess in my mind I thought they'd always be here,
But now that both have gone ahead Home,
I'm left here living a life all alone.
My Dad's birthday and mine-both in September-
Mom left for Home that same month, I remember.
I search, but I can't find an answer to 'why?'
Oh, how I miss those birthdays gone by-
No knock at the door-no cake with my name.
The candles are gone-and so is the flame!
All I see now are the clothes they would wear
And some pictures on walls here and there.
No husband, no companion, no one to hug-
My heart tells me I've used all its love.
My children have carried my burden too long;
I've stolen their lives and that was so wrong.
Neither has married-no grandchildren to kiss-
My boys are the only things in this life that I'll miss.
Even my dogs have all passed away--
My heart still breaks and I rue the day.
All three fought so hard to stay around,
But finally I had to have them "put down."
Each died in my arms as I held them close,
But I think it's my Scruffy that I miss the most.
Why don't we count value until after it's gone
And life is left singing a sad woeful song?
If these words can reach one before it's too late
Their future birthdays will be sealed in a new fate.
I'm writing this note in the fervent hope
My words will somehow help my children to cope.
They certainly deserve their own life to live,
So I'm giving them the only thing that's all mine to give.
My life alone is finding an ending-
I'm making this birthday my brand new beginning.
Today is my birthday-a special day to me-
From now on that's how they're all going to be!
Happy Birthday to me!
Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


Welcome to the club....You're now officially a member of the

Your birthday month--September
Finally opened its door.
A time to reflect on memories,
But time to make some more!

Reflecting on past memories
Cause you to be sad and blue.
This birthday brings a beginning
As you create memories new!

Today you become a 'senior'
With benefits galore-
Senior citizen discounts
When you go into a store.

Don't want another birthday?
You're not ready, so you say?
It sure beats the other choice
So, go take on YOUR day!

You've earned any 'worry' lines
And any gray hairs, too.
So from this point on-
Do what you want to do!

Don't worry anymore about calories
Enjoy your meals-get full !
We're not promised any tomorrows,
And that dear friend's no bull !

You have a loving heart of gold
And friendships tried and true.
Hope your birthday is a great one
Remembering YOU are loved, too !

From your childhood friend
and Brenda's heart
September 17, 2004

Happy Birthday, JW

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