Hear me..
It is I.. I am the voice on the mountain
I am the wail in the streets.. homeless
..hear me..
I am a child born of justice
Am I to be abandoned in my helplessness..
taken advantage of in my innocence
..hear me..
Where is my solace in this protected place
I ask.. I ask.. where indeed..
America.. do not turn your face
..hear me
Long ago ..You promised me great things
from the mountains where freedom rings
I am here still seeking them
..Hear me
It is me who cries over the hills
suffering of Agent Oranges ills..
my nightmares long becoming skills
Hear me..
I am the American Veteran
..whose blood has transfused you
Do not turn your face.. look true
..hear me
America ..I am calling to you
I am here seeking justice and truth
Have I not served you and done my part
Hear me.. at least in your heart
..hear me

written by
Faye Sizemore 3/11/04
Doc Caffey
and all Veterans

Faye's husband was a Marine
in Vietnam with the First Marine Division...
He lost a leg in Quang Tri.  Faye knows
first hand the problems vets have 
getting what is due them....


Please visit Faye's sites to hear the voices of our Veterans

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