High on the mountain
Where the Hummingbirds fly...
High on the mountain
Where trees touch the sky...


Cool mountain breezes
The face caress
With dancing fingers
Of happiness!

Here Mother Nature
Reigns supreme,
Painting her pictures
With blue and green.


And the little streams
Begin their downward race
As gentle flowers
Lift a sunlit face.

High on the mountain,
Listen to the sounds
Of bird calls, of trees sighing
Of freedom all around!


The flutter of
A multitude of wings,
Rustling in the underbrush --
A sign of little things!

High on the mountain,
Tranquil is the heart...
Here, where land and sky
Are reluctant to part!


Here on the mountain,
The sun kisses my face...
All is attuned
In this beautiful place!

The trees, the flowers,
The breathtaking view...
God's creatures all around
And a sky so blue!


Here where joy and 
Beauty never cease...
High on the mountain,
The world is at peace!


used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
The picture used in this set was taken by 
Carole on a trip to Beech Mountain, N.C.
The poem was written while on the mountain.
All Rights Reserved 




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