"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles"
~ Christopher Reeve ~

We must never forget to remember what it feels like to be the Hero who gives us our freedom!




I remember you.


Last night as I stood watch in the desert waiting for the enemy I remembered your face on CNN saying how ashamed you were to be an American.



I remember you.


While my buddies and I were crawling through tunnels looking for the Taliban I remembered your face on World News Tonight saying we should not be here. These people did nothing to hurt us.



I remember you.


My friends were being dragged through the streets of Somalia I remember you saying we deserved what we got for being such aggressors.



I remember you.


As my division pushed the enemy back from Kuwait I saw your face on TV saying we were tyrants and thugs only looking to enrich ourselves with oil.



I remember you.


As I got off the plane from a small country in South East Asia you came up to me and spit in my face and called me a "Baby Killer"



I remember you.


As I lay crouched in a foxhole in South Korea you came on the radio and said this was not our fight and we should lay down our arms and go home.




I remember you.


For as far back as I have been manning the front lines I remember your faces. All I can say is "You are welcome". I give you this gift of freedom so you can go to sleep at night knowing you are well protected. And as you get up this morning and pick up your signs, please remember who gave you that freedom.

Robert C. Redfern

This poem was written by Robert C. Redfern
on March 27, 2003
shortly after our military were sent to Iraq.


Bob's proud wife, Cherylin, has this to say:
Robert C. Redfern is 56, a wonderful father and grandfather with 10 grandchildren. He is very proud of the 9 years spent in the U.S. Navy , joining at 20.  Bob spent most of those years aboard the Shangri-La.  Bob did two tours in Vietnam, Between 1969 and 1973.  He did not retire but sometimes wishes he had stayed in.  He has traveled all over the world during tours of duty, to such places as Greece, Japan, England, Italy, and a variety of other cities and countries.
Bob's job was repairing electronic equipment, such as communications equipment and radar on his ship and other ships. The Shangri-La  was an aircraft carrier.  Actually,  Bob is still in electronic work,  which goes back to his early days on ship.  He is a Computer Technician and Consultant.  He spent 4 more years in the Navy in the US with special tours around our wonderful country.   He loves the Navy and the great United States.
I am very proud of him for providing our family with the freedom we have today,  just as our proud military are doing all over the world.




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