I Still Remember

You held my hand, you smiled at me
And my whole world smiled too!
Your eyes lit with pleasure when they found my face.
I still remember, love, do you?

I kissed your cheek and you kissed mine.
I blushed when you whispered in my ear.
And then we walked life's path together.
I still remember, do you remember, dear?

The years pass on, our eyes grow dim,
But we have never grown too old
To love each other with all our hearts.
I still remember, if truth be told.

You held me tight throughout the night.
My love for you so true.
We promised to grow old together.
I still remember, love, do you?

So, hold my hand and I'll hold yours.
Kiss my cheek and then
We'll continue on together
Looking back, remembering when....

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved