If I could go back and relive days gone by,
I'd break all the clocks so time couldn't fly!
I'd hide all the calendars so the days wouldn't pass
And weeks would become days that would last and last!

Then I'd spend every moment making memories with you...
I'd record every comment...what you say...what you do.
I'd ask all the questions I want to ask now,
And listen more intently when you try to explain how.
I'd take more pictures of the love on your face,
And treat you more gently ...with more respect ...more grace.
I'd be more patient, understanding and kind
And give you less problems to worry your mind.

When finally it's time for you to go Home,
I'd be there for you so you wouldn't be alone.
Then I'd find all the calendars and move them ahead..
I'd turn the pages so fast they could barely be read!
Then I'd fix all the clocks and make them run fast
So I could come join you in Heaven at last!


Written by
 J. Estep Williams, July 21, 2002 
Loving daughter and Friend





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