Junior Class Poem

Backward, turn backward
O time in your flight.
Make us all Juniors again,
Just for tonight.

Let us live over
The days that are gone;
So soon lost in memory,
As time marches on.

Soon we'll be graduates,
And each on our own;
But while we're yet classmates,
Let none stand alone.

We see now our ring dance
In all of its splendor,
For this is a moment
We'll always remember.

We dance through the evening
With hearts all a-whirl;
So joyfully happy,
We're in love with the world!

So proudly we wear them,
The rings that we've earned
By diligent study
And lessons well learned.

Through yonder dream mist,
We see a new scene.
Now we are choosing
Our Homecoming Queen.

The skies are cloud laden
And torrents pour down,
But proudly she's wearing
Her rain jeweled crown.

Oh, to relive
Such a moment as this;
When out of our number
Comes our first Junior Miss.

Each a dream of a girl
In a dream of a gown;
The dream in each heart,
Is a dream of a crown.

Only one winner,
The others must lose;
But pity the judges
Whose task is to choose.

The winner is crowned.
So vainly she tries
To hide tears of gladness,
That shine in her eyes.

The show must go on!
Our minstrel is cast.
The performers are ready,
Their hearts beating fast.

There are tears in their eyes,
Yet the curtain must fall.
As the actors now take
Their last curtain call.

Now a word for the one
Whose patience remained;
Through all of our troubles,
He never complained.

There is gratitude unmeasured
In the hand we extend,
To our fine class sponsor,
And our wonderful friend.

We vision a new honor,
So proudly bestowed;
But for some of the players,
It's the end of the road.

Our thanks to the cheerleaders,
Our thanks to the band.
Their efforts are tireless;
Their spirit is grand.

The victory is ours!
The titles are won.
See what great teamwork
And fine coaches have done.

So lift them to your shoulders, boys.
March through the crowd.
They have led us to victory,
Let them know we are proud!

See through the shadows
The first Senior Day,
When we are honored by those
Who have charted the way.

The title of Senior,
On our badges we wear,
By the hand of the Senior
Who is pinning it there.

Be done with reminiscence
We've seen the past unfold.
Turn our faces to the future,
To strive for this, our goal!

To uphold the trust that's left to us
By those who have gone before;
And live on in fond remembrance
When we haunt these halls no more.




used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


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