Life's Three Gates.
May 2001

He stands lonely on his mountain
His solitary climb has brought him there.
He now can drink from wealth's gold fountain,
But still he stands in deep despair.

He owns his mounain, he now is king
Master of all he sees!
But he cannot control the future,
Cannot control his destiny.

Alone, he contemplates three open gates
One is wealth and one is fame.
The third gate beckons him to enter
Love lives there for him to claim.

With no hesitation and no regrets
The lonely man strides toward his fate.
He moves swiftly now, his heart is smiling
As he enters life's third gate.

Life's third gate, the gate of love
Beckons him to pass on through
To find that very special someone
A forever companion, a love that's true.

He did not pass the third gate's welcome.
To choose gate one or two would not be wise.
For what good is fame and fortune
If lonely tears dwell in your eyes.

He now stands happy on his mountain
Gates one and two are open wide.
But through gate three he found his future
Now love stands closely by his side!
used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved