Lonely Soul
May, 2001

His lonely soul called out to me
As I talked with him that day.
His tearful heart was sad to see
And so, I turned away.

I turned away from silent hope
Of a man I did not know.
I turned away with not a thought
Of the compassion I should show.

Now looking back, I despise myself,
For I did not heed his call
A lonely man with a lonely soul
I did not help him...not at all.

The years have flown and I can't forget
How selfish I was back then.
For if I had but thought it through,
I would have made a special friend.

My heart is heavy as I search,
But time doth take its' toll.
Alas!  I cannot find my friend,
The one with the lonely soul.

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved