The Mailbox
~ Carole McLaughlin ~


Silently it stands, along the roadside,
An empty box awaiting news.
Owned by a lonely old gentleman
Who watches with eyes of brilliant blue.

The mailbox is his lifeline -
All he has to give him hope.
All he wants is just one letter.
Just one message to help him cope.

Silently it waits along the roadside,
Ever empty day after day.
The old man's blue eyes fill with teardrops.
He thinks his heart will die away.

The time came when the mail car slowed,
The mailbox smiled a toothless grin.
The postman shoved in one envelope,
Lifted the flag to signal mail within.

Oh, Joy!  The old man hurried to the box
To get his piece of mail.
A smile lit up his weathered face,
"I'll be home Sunday, dad, I will not fail!"

The mailbox again stands lonely,
The house is lonely too
For the old man has left with his loving son
To start his life anew!


used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 



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