Mama's Kitchen

Remember Mama's Kitchen
And The Smells That Were Devine?
Remember How She Used To Scrub
The Floor To Make It Shine?

Remember Apple Pie
And Homemade Bread And Rolls?
And Then There Was That Chocolate Cake
And Those Tiny, Fragrant Cinnamon Swirls!

Mama Baked Most Every Day,
Something Special For Each One.
For Cookies And Bread, For Pies And Cakes
To Mama's Kitchen We Would Come.

The Kitchen Still Is Ready,
Clean And As Neat As A Shiny Pin.
But The Stove Is Waiting For A New Cook
Her Culinary Magic To Begin.

Mama Left The Kitchen,
She Doesn't Have A Care!
Daughter Will Come And Light The Stove.
Mama Sits There Knitting In Her Chair!

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved


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