Mother, Mother, don't you know who I am?
Mother, haven't you missed me around?
It's been a long time that we've been apart,
But know, sweet Mother, that you've been in my heart.
The days seemed to stretch into months…then years,
But finally,  Mother, I made it back here--
Back to the town where I grew up--
Where every house has a porch and every yard has a duck.
Beautiful flowers bloom all year long
And some days in the air drifts a melodic song.
Benches of granite line pathways of stone;
You see no one with you, but you're never alone.
Here by your side is where I belong;
I know you don't begrudge it took me so long.
It's been a long journey, but I've given it my best.
Weary of travel, I've come home to rest;
I've taken a place right next to Daddy and you--         
Beautiful green carpets and ceilings of blue…
Windows without curtains so I can look out…
I'd almost forgotten what beauty was about!
Sunshine and moonlight, but never the rain;
On the house is a sign that bears our last name.
An angel outside sits watching the door;
Overhead white turtle doves quietly soar.
I'm contented and happy-I've ended my search.
I can see in the distance the little white church--
The one with red doors and a bell in the steeple
That looks down on the town and all of its people.
Listen!  Is that the old pipe organ I hear?
It's so loud!   We must be quite near.
Oh look, dear Mother!  The little church graveyard!
Another death in a family-that has to be hard.
Never have I felt you and Daddy so near
As I do right now while we're standing here.
Mother!  Is that a tear in those beautiful eyes?
I never wanted to make either of you cry.
Tears of love from family and friend--
Smiles of understanding from others who attend.
Isn't it wonderful how God on His throne
Patiently waits for His child to come Home? 


Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 



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