Once Upon A Dream

My heart was full of laughter,
Happiness was mine, it seemed.
For I had found my rainbow;
'Twas once upon a dream.

There was you and there was me.
I dreamed we'd meet some day.
The dream went on, we fell in love.
And then it all just fell away.

Gone our love and gone the joy.
Gone my knight and gone your queen.
I could not bring you back again.
'Twas once upon a dream.

Will you dream of me, my love
As I have dreamed of you?
Will you have me in your heart?
Will both our dreams come true?

I wish you back with me once more
Our love flowing like a rushing stream.
My heart looks for that joy again.
Alas, 'twas once upon a dream!
used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved