Our walk is growing shorter now,

We started in our youth,

We searched for beauty in this life,

And yearned for knowing truth.


We shared our laughs, our smiles and frowns,

We lightened each ones load,

We traveled everywhere a pair,

Along lifes winding road.


We planted flowers in springtime,

That beauty might be there,

And make the world a better place,

To let it know we care.


We were each others shelter,

From the summers heat and rain,

We shared and cared, each day we lived,

As if no more remained.


Oh how we loved the autumns,

Its leaves; its crisp cool air,

Drawing close, these golden times,

We found joy everywhere.


Now winter is upon us Dear,

Cold, gray days setting in,

We spend our days, in memories,

From where we first began.


If all we own should leave us,

Abandoned by our health,

No friends, no one to care for us,

Wed still retain our wealth,


For it is here, within our hearts,

To warm us everyday,

It binds us to each other,

Along lifes winding way.


Our love will stay us to the end,

Through winter, as we roam,

Our love is all that matters now,

Until God calls us home.

used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 



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