Precious Time
- Carole McLaughlin -
May, 2001

Precious time slips by in silence,
Sneaking past my dreamless sleep.
Precious time moves ever forward -
Stealing thoughts as morning creeps.

Precious time spent with a loved one -
Sometimes unnoticed, passes by.
And soon we find our heart is empty.
Gone our love, upon a sigh.

As we spend these hours together
My love and I have this in mind.
Never shall we take for granted
These loved-filled moments - our precious time!

Precious time moves ever onward,
Robbing us of youth and health.
Oh, to capture each loving moment
To fill our pockets with its' wealth!

So I sit here with my lover,
Sit so closely, gazing upward at the sky.
My heart, my soul, are want to wonder
If precious time will pass us by!

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved