Oh sea, I speak unto you now

As if you were a god.

Please hear this plea, I ask of thee

And place us on the sod.


These days we've spent in much torment

A prisoner of your power.

All time be lost as we are tossed,

I know not day or hour.


Enraged you strike the waters raise,

And lash this tiny ark,

You've covered up the sunshine and

We know not day from dark.


We cannot steer a steady course,

There is not west or east.

Spare these few souls devour us not,

As if some wicked beast.


Mountainous waters all around

So deep within a swell,

The walls of water closing in

Will crash us into hell.


Now lifted up as if by wing,

High on an ocean crest.

Bow high, stern low, a mighty blow,

We've passed another test.


We can't control this vessel on

This ever changing form.

No need to try, we'll surely die

A victim of the storm.


All memories of times ago

Pass sweetly through my mind.

The will to fight is weaker now

New strength be hard to find.


Though all seems lost in tempest tossed.

Here now appears a form.

Behold dear mates I swear to thee

We're rescued from the storm.


I'll never see my port of call,

My ship docked there no more,

For I have anchored in the cove

Of some far peaceful shore.


The wind blows not, the water's calm,

I fear not rock or shoal,

This haven shelters from all storms

And peace besets the soul.

used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 




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