For people on Cable/DSL or fast dial up....
Web TV and slow dial  up see picture below....

To play video, click on picture above or below.  Click 'open or run' to view the file
and then on 'run' again and then picture again to open show.
This is an .exe file and is safe to use.  If you are on dial up, it may
take some time to upload the first time.  You can also choose to 'save'
and this will save the movie to your hard drive.


People on slow dial up click here to view video.
Web TV viewers are still having problems with
the size of the file.  Still working on it for you guys.


If you wish a DVD of the movie for yourself or as a gift for someone else,
(this DVD will play on your computer and/or your TV screen,
no matter what the size of the TV screen)
email Martha and I will make and send you one for
a cost of $5.00 plus shipping. 
I wish I could do them for free
but am unable to do so at the moment.





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