Shining Silvers


A silver sun shines down,

Reflecting on the ocean deep.

Turning the world to silver

A beauty that makes me weep.


Silver sun on a silver sea

Nature gives a perfect show.

And all the world is beauty now

Silver clouds reflect sun's glow.


A perfect day, with special friends

In a little boat upon the sea

A silver day, a happy day

How could it not have come to be?


The heat of passion, a gift from the sun

An ocean of tears to shed

Silver the world we've found today

Silver joy, for the years ahead.


Oh, silver sun, in a silver world

Shine down on the silver sea

And with the beauty of happiness

Let me believe that it's all for me!


Beauty surrounds us, everywhere!

Beauty in the clouds, the sea, the sun

Beauty is here for us to share

A silver lining for everyone!


We were blessed with a silver world

Silver in the sun, the sea, the sky

Just for a moment, when time stood still

Mother Nature sang a silver lullaby.




used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 


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