Show me not

do not show me how much you care;
show me not a friendship true.
do not send your heart to me;
I cannot accept these gifts from you.

in all my life, I've never known
caring, giving, a loving touch.
in all my life I've not been shown
that another's love could mean so much.

at times I allow you close to me,
sometimes I wonder if you'll stay.
then I am plagued by darkest doubt,
thinking that soon, you'll turn away.

I can only love you from afar,
must remain forever in control.
for I know your love will soon be gone,
though always cherished by my lonely soul.

oh love, my heart cries out for you
and I long for your arms so warm.
I cannot sleep throughout the night
in misery, I await the breaking dawn.

so, show me not how much you care
pledge me your love... not ever.
just let me love you in my heart
and keep you there forever.

used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved