This is a famous guessing game...
Designed especially to entertain!
It goes like this... You do your best to figure out
What a picture I show you is all about!

Here's the first one...are you ready to see?
If you get the answer, give it to me!

A chicken wing cooked too much perhaps?
Someone forgot the little 'leg caps'?
Some sort' a dead thing found in the yard...
The stench made picking it up so hard!

Is it a baby bird who fell out of the nest?
I'm giving you hints--you figure out the rest!
Still not a clue?  Lucky you!
Here's another picture to see how you do!

An overcooked peach with cloves on a stick?
Yuck!  I bet if you eat it, you'll start feeling sick!

Now that sends me off on another wild hair...
Maybe it's a cute little chick you see there?
Still not so sure?  I'm not surprised!
You obviously can't see right in front of your eyes!
Stop begging and pleading and all of your
I'll hold my tongue and let you keep trying!
Are you ready for another picture or two?
My time is yours--I've got quite a few!

Ahhh...finally!  You're catching on now!
Good thing, too, cuz' there's sweat on your brow!
Don't worry! This isn't Monopoly! You won't go to jail
Because you can't remember the rodent with no tail!
Even if you could, that answer's not right.
Tell me now, are you going to ever figure this out?
Here's one more clue to help you along...
Now take your time and don't get it wrong!

Aw shucks!  Could it be a little brown mole
Who doesn't remember where he last left his hole?
Maybe a bird or a plane from the sky
Or maybe Superman just forgot how to fly!
Will it bite?  Will it squeal?  Will it mess up a deck?
I bet he's blind as a bat, sure as heck!

It looks like two on my "bug-keep-away"!
If it's two do you think I should let them both stay?

Okay, let's get on with this game...
Would you please give this poor creature a name!

Looks like a grasshopper with one wooden leg;
No wonder he's hanging around here to beg!

Oh no!  Is that the famous "ski on the mount"...
Or a slalom run?  Quick! Start the count!  

Now see what you've done? You've made him go lame!
He says right now he isn't liking this game!

He's hurt his poor back and now he's stuck on all fours!
Hurry up and guess so he can get off the floor!
You've taken so long his poor arms are just nubs
And whenever he moves everything rubs!
One wooden leg and now a back ache...
He'll be dead before you finish the game at this rate!

So this one last hint and then you're done.
At his expense, I hope you've had fun!
Now yes, he'll attack you, but he really won't bite;
It's more like 'mixed up' or his radar isn't quite right.
He sleeps in the day and he flies in the night.
All these bright lights have been a heck of a fright!
He has beady little eyes, but he sees with no sight 
And never bumps into anything in flight!    

He doesn't have a tail and it's a good thing, too!
With all of this 'game bumping' it would be black and blue!
You've had all the hints you're gonna' get.
Now have you figured out what he is yet?

Well stop!  He says he's had 'bout enough!
All of this acting and cameras and stuff--
He doesn't mind a game here and there,
But he really thinks everything should always be fair.
With all of these hints, you still aren't winning
While the dame with the camera is running around grinning!

He's taking flight before the night ends
And he's not coming back--you can't make amends!
"For taunting me so you should all be ashamed!
My poor old body will never be the same
Regardless of all my publicity and fame,
And, oh yeah.....Mr. Bat is my name!"

DISCLAIMER:  No animals were hurt in the photography and writing of this literary work.

Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 



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