The Travelers


Am I a stranger to you?
Yes, of course I am,
For I have traveled this way only once
With my Bible in my hand.

You see, I'm on a journey
To a world to earth unknown,
But although there's no one with me,
I never travel alone.

Another travels with me-
He's just a step ahead
Look now and perhaps you'll see Him-
He's the one with the crown on His head.

He leads me and He guides me
That I may not go astray,
And when my footsteps falter,
He shows me the chosen way.

He's known as Heavenly Father
Whose home is up above.
He gives of His great goodness
And showers us with love.

He's calling to us softly
To take Him by the hand
And go with Him to Heaven above,
And leave this mortal land.

His voice calls out, "Come children..
We must not tarry so.
We've traveled many, many miles,
But we've many more to go".

Though many are the trails of life
That grant a home with Thee.
None are ever richer
'Til they've reached eternity.

So from our earthly dwelling
Let us now depart,
And obey Him with a humble
And loving hand and heart.

When we have traveled long and far
To reach our journey's end,
He'll open wide His heavenly door
And say, "Come in, my friend!"

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used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


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