Until The Clouds Pass By

My lover's thoughts lie hidden
As is the moon in a cloudy sky.
I cannot know his feelings
Until those clouds pass by.

The wind shall gently blow them,
Those clouds, beyond the sulking moon.
Floating on like silent vessels
Gone from there, not a moment too soon.

My lover's thoughts, his hopes, his dreams
He does not share with me.
Behind those clouds, he hoards them
Safe, he thinks, through all eternity.

Soon now, the clouds will disappear
The moon once more, displays its' light
Revealing secrets that once were hidden
By the lonely darkness of the night.

And when the clouds are vanished
And the darkness has been erased
My heart will learn the secrets
From the smile that adorns my lover's face.

My heart calls out its' question
I can hear my lover sigh....
I must learn to await the answer
Until the clouds pass by....

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved
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