Throughout The Night, I Dream Of Thee,
Dream Of Hearts That Do Entwine.
Throughout The Hours, My Heart Flies Free
With Visions Of A Love That's Mine.


Visions Of A Love So True
That Heaven Smiles Upon Us Now.
Visions Clear Of Me And You,
Taking Life's Most Sacred Vow!


We All Have Visions Of Tomorrow
And What We Wish From Fate.
We All Step Back From Life's Sweet Sorrow
And Hope With Someone To Relate.


But Visions So Rare, So Beautiful
That They Cannot Be Described,
Come To Me Most Every Night
On These Visions, Your Name Inscribed.


Looking To The Future, All I Can See
Are Pictures Of Love And Laughter.
Help Me Protect These Visions
Walk With Me For Ever After!


I See Sunshine, Flowers Everywhere!
I See Love At Every Turn.
Visions Of Our Life Together
A Life For Which I Yearn!


Walk With Me Toward Tomorrow,
Take My Hand, Make The Decision.
Walk Toward A Life Of Joy,
Let This Be Our Eternal Vision!


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used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 


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