When I see the dawning of a new day,

I see hope for tomorrow,

I see thankfulness for yesterday,

I see new opportunities in my love for you,

When I see the dawn.


When I feel a breeze against my cheek,

I feel the nearness of you,

I feel your love surrounding me,

I feel your arms embracing me,

When I feel a breeze.


When I hear the ocean kiss the shore,

I hear you as you call to me,

I hear the rhythm of our lives,

I hear your thoughts as they come to me,

When I hear the ocean.


When I see the full moon rising high,

I see your countenance shining brightly,

I see the reflection of your love,

I see into your heart,

When I see the moon.


When I touch the petal of a rose,

I touch the gentleness of your love,

I touch the beauty of your heart,

I touch the fragrance of your being,

When I touch a rose.


In all that is in and around me,

You are there,

When I see the dawn,

When I feel a breeze,

When I hear the ocean,

When I see the moon,

When I touch a rose,

You are there,

You are love.



used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 

July 6, 2004



The beautiful rose used
in the making of this background set
was taken by
and used with her permission.
If you click on the rose below, it will take you
to her site where you can see more of her photos.

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